Our Mission

Our mission at Aero is to create an advanced handle for the experienced player. We aren't here to be flashy, we're here to get the job done. Our handles are the lightest in the game, allowing players to execute moves as quickly and efficiently as possible, making the the sharpest players even sharper. We focus on performance, not gimmicks. We're here to stay, and will soon be expanding to support the defensive end as well.

OUR Story

Aero was founded in the summer of 2013 when carbon fiber shafts were first breaking into the game. We were not content with the current options on the market, and set out to create a next level option that can make a direct impact on a player's game. We took the current lacrosse shaft and re-engineered it from the ground up, using technologies not yet used in the sporting world. We have spent the past two years developing our shafts to be the best they can be, perfecting every detail of our product before we brought it to market. Our handles are made entirely in the USA, and feature a 6-month warranty to attest to our quality standards.


  • AUGUST 2013: Manufacturer search begins
  • DECEMBER 2013: Partnership formed with American carbon fiber manufacturer
  • FEBRUARY 2014: Development begins
  • NOVEMBER 2014: Initial prototypes created
  • AUGUST 2015: First handles sold to the public
  • JANUARY 2016: Aero Falcon Prototype completed
  • MARCH 2016: Kickstarter launched
  • April 2016: Kickstarter over 200% funded
  • JULY 2016: Kickstarter orders shipped
  • OCTOBER 2016: Tweaks made according to reviews
  • MARCH 2017: Aero Falcon completed
  • MAY 2017: Public sales launched
  • FUTURE: Retail stores, team sales, and more!