A simple design for an advanced Handle

Falcon mockup low.png



The Aero Falcon weighs in at approximately 137 grams, around 20% lighter than the industry average of 173 grams.


Our handles can hang with the best of them, and sport a 6-month warranty.



The bottom three faces of each handle have our unique GripStrip technology, adding a rough surface to the shaft to enhance control and reduce the need for tape.

Clean Carbon Look

Our technology is visible; we show our work and don’t paint over our unique snakeskin weave.

I am AMAZED by its weight. Nice grip on one side. It feels absolutely amazing in the hands.
— Tom Ledin, Red Star Lacrosse

Creativity is taking over the game. Backhanded shots, BTB's, and one-handed wraparounds are becoming a main component. Don't let your stick slow you down, drop the extra weight and join the Aero Armada.

You have the speed.

You have the control.

You have the quickness.

Unleash it with the Aero Falcon.